...Michael Mahonen 2001 Toronto...

January 30, 2002

Mickey holding Alexandra Heilbron's new book "Remembering Lucy Maud Montgomery" .( click on title to go to Avonlea Tradition page for more information)  Alexandra has interviewed Mickey several times in the past for Canadian publications.
October 30, 2001

Smiling when I teased him about how "cute" he looked with his new short hair cut :-D

I asked him if he could look serious for one photo, He is trying not to smile, but his eyes are twinkling...

Laughing ... when I asked him about his Gemini Award being in the Kirkland Lake Hall of Fame.

Michael deep in thought ....
holding a Remembrance Day poppy ( Veteran's Day poppy in the USA)

One last photo before he leaves. His gray shirt makes his eyes look dark gray.
I was standing a tad too close and didn't get the top of his head ... oh-no!

All photographs by Kitty Hadley

                                                          Gemini Weekend October 2001

Another October, and I was able to make my way to Toronto to go sight seeing and visit friends. Since I didn't know
I was going soon enough, I was not able to get a ticket to go to the Gemini Awards dinner. Hopefully next year I will?
The good news is... This time a visit had been arranged by the agency for Mickey and me. He had a free hour he could
spend talking ... so, we did!

Mickey was dressed very casually in a gray polo shirt, gray pants, black leather jacket and sneakers. I was so surprised
when I saw how short his hair was; that I  giggled and said " Oh, no. You cut your hair!"  He just grinned at me. We found a place to sit and chat, and I took several photos in a row... then put the camera away so we could talk.

He was curious about my visit so I told him about going to the CBC studio and back to the CN Tower. That tower holds
a fascination for me. It is big and soooooo tall! I went back to Spadina House ( Captain Ames house in Return of Gus Pike) and this time went in for the tour of the old millionaires mansion. I was the only one there and had a personal tour
of the house, what a delight!  There were several spots in the house where I could envision Mickey/Gus standing ... and I
took a few more pictures. So far only the "Mickey pictures" have been developed, but ...can you blame me? LOL I'll do
the other pictures as soon as I can.

Alexandra Heilbron and I spent one afternoon at Gooderham & Worts; an old section of Toronto that is brick buildings
and cobble stone streets. This is where "When She was Bad..." was filmed. Remember Gus and Sara going down the dark alley looking for Captain Crane, only to have Gus captured by Abe Pike? I found the alley... :)  Alexandra mentioned that she had watched some of the filming  of  "What Katy Did" at Gooderham & Worts, a Megan Follows movie that has yet to be released. We wandered around  the different buildings looking for places where this movie had been filmed. Later Alexandra and I went to The Old Spaghetti Factory. We had walked and talked so much that afternoon, it was heavenly to sit down and enjoy a delicious dinner.

I had gotten an autographed copy of Alexandra's new book and when I  showed it to Mickey , he graciously posed holding
it. Unfortunately we had spent so much  time talking about what I had been doing in the city that we did not have much time
to talk about his work; but here are a few things...

Giant Steps ... The interiors of Jazz musician Slate Thompson's factory dwelling were filmed in one of the Gooderham & Worts brick buildings. ( If I had known, I would have looked for it...)

I couldn't believe that he had cut his beautiful hair so short ( it makes him look so young in person...) and asked "Why?". He said that the longer hair took a bit of maintenance, but the short hair was easy to care for. He washes it, towels it dry and he is done. ( It is attractive on him, but ... I prefer the slightly longer hair that he had last year ....  but not the really long hair that he had as Paul or Ben Davis. Cheeky cat grin :-D)

When I asked about his Gemini Award, he said " ...  it is on loan to the Kirkland Lake Hall of Fame..". When the KLHF
asked if he had anything  for their display , he offered  his Award. ( It still belongs to him, it is only on loan to them). So, I teased him. "Oh, I see. Now *they* have to keep it polished!". He laughed in agreement. I asked how he felt about receiving
it. He thought for a moment and answered that he had been very pleased about it, because it gave him a chance at the Gemini Ceremony to be able to thank all of the people who had  helped him in his work over the years.

His performance as Paul, the teenager dying of Aids because of a tainted blood transfusion, in "The Facts Behind the
Helsinki Roccamatios"  had been so powerful and moving that I was curious why he had not been nominated for a
Gemini.  He replied that he thought that both he and Michael Riley ( who did win the award) had been nominated. When
he had  received the call from his agent saying he had been nominated ; he assumed it was for "Helsinki". It was about
a week later , that he found out the nomination was for "The Return of Gus Pike" and not "Helsinki".

David Ferry ( aka "Stuart McCrae) .I mentioned  that of all the RTA actors, David Ferry was the one I least wanted to
meet. That I had been so upset/angry at his character wanting to marry Felicity when " ... we all know that Felicity belonged
to Gus, and  to nobody but Gus...".  He was surprised. "Why? David is a nice guy.", he answered with a smile  Maybe David
is, but I still don't like him. ( Says the cat, pouting like a five year old <G>)

I  asked the two questions we all wanted to ask him. "Would you ever play Gus Pike again and would you work for Kevin Sullivan again?"  He became serious and said that, yes he would. He would be happy to play Gus Pike again and  that
 " ...under the right circumstances..." he would work for Sullivan Films again. (Something we are all hoping for...)

Reading script and auditioning , were two of the things he has been doing lately  but  he would not give specifics until something was filmed and ready for release in the theater or on television. I asked if  "Canada- A People's History ", "Helsinki" ( which he knew was to air again on CBC in December ) or the reruns of Avonlea were of any help to him in getting work. He replied, that it was possible that someone who was casting a new project might see him and  think  "... Mahonen might be good for this part..."  But, he said, that things are not done quickly in his business; it might be 6 months or a year later that his agent would be called  and asked for him to audition..

It was time for Mickey to leave, so I walked him back to the hotel lobby, and  took one more picture. I am looking forward
to October 2002 and the Gemini Awards. Hopefully there will be new work of  his to talk about then...