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                                                                                                       August 9, 2004

We are looking for new ways of making people aware of Michael . Last year we spent a good deal of time voting on Freevote and Malechart, where Mickey did very well all year! (Thanks to all who voted).  This year we thought it might be of more use to Mickey to write letters and e-mails. (So many e-mails were sent to Lifetime channel and they now have a "Conspiracy of Silence" page on their web site), below are a few addresses or e-mail addy's you can try . If you know of any more addressees ... please e-mail me and I will add them to this page

The suggestion is : Whatever YOUR favorite show is ... write and tell them about Mickey and ask if they would have him on the show as a "guest' ...he could play ; the good guy, bad guy, best friend, ex-lover, ex-husband, new boyfriend, new husband,  killer, innocent victim, lawyer, cop, uncle... he could even pass for a teenager ... LOL.  Anytime you see a show and say  " Mickey could have played that part better..." That is the show to write to. Or if you see a movie, and think he could have done the role better, let the producers or directors know  . Write the letters and e-mail, please,  and we will see what happens? :-D

04/19/2001... It has been brought to my attention all  the stage work that Mickey has done is something that many of us would love to  have seen him do. Watch him perform in a play, and possibly, go back stage afterwards to say "well done". I will list some Toronto theatres below, and will add addresses , e-mails or phone numbers! Write to the theatres and ask for "...Michael Mahonen, in a play, please?"

08/4/2001 ... Want to hear Mickey sing? ... look down towards the bottom of this page. :)

Is the TV Land Channel interested in airing "Road to Avonlea"?  Click on TV Land link to view thier site. 

Write to them and ask. :)  postmaster@tvland.com      E-mail address for TV Land.

CBC: (snail mail)  Ask for any movies or tv shows MM has appeared in, or ask for more Road to Avonlea.

Audience Relations, CBC
P.O. Box 500
Station A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1E6  Canada

CBC Radio     Mickey will be doing "The Red Badge of Courage" for CBC Radio/BBC Radio. , check out their site so you can listen to it on the internet; then e-mail them to compliment the program ... and ask if it will be available on audio tape ...nd, ofcourse, be sure to mention how good MM was :-D


 http://www.cbc.ca/aboutcbc/contact/    (e-mail...)

 Sullivan: (snail mail)

 Sullivan Entertainment                         (CEO) Kevin Sullivan
 Sullivan Film , Inc.
 110 Davenport Road
 Toronto, Ontario
 M5R 3R3 Canada

  inquire@s...     (e-mail)

  http://www.pax.tv/contact/        Pax-Tv  URL , to contact them, e-mail

Canadian tv or Production Companies.....

Canadian tv network CTV's e-mail address    programming@ctv.ca

 Alliance Atlantis is a Canadian production company. (One of the biggest) They just produced the "Judy Garland...Me and My Shadows" movie, that was shown both in the US and Canada! The also co-produce the new series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"

Alliance Atlantic                                   (CEO)  Seaton Maclean
121 Bloor Street East,
 Suite 1500
 Toronto, Ontario
 Canada   M4W 3M5
 Tel: (416) 967-1174
 Fax: (416) 960-0971

Television Shows -              television@allianceatlantis.com
Motion Pictures -                motionpicture@allianceatlantis.com
Broadcasting Networks -    broadcastinginfo@allianceatlantis.com
e-mail  address is                 http://www.allianceatlantis.com/

Alliance Atlantis out of Toronto:

General  info@allianceatlantis.com
Media  media@allianceatlantis.com

Barna-Apler Productions  (?)

Serendipity Point Films     (?)

Rhombus Media               (?)

Salter Street Films                               "Emily of New Moon" on tv.
Salter Street Films Limited
1668 Barrington Street                              http://www.salter.com
Suite 500
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2A2                                                  e-mail: info@salter.com

Salter Street Films International
1668 Barrington Street
Suite 500
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2A2                                                e-mail: salter@salter.com

Salter Street Digital Limited
2507 Brunswick Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3K 2Z5                                               e-mail: rpower@salter.com

Salter New Media Limited
257 Adelaide St. W
Suite 600
Toronto, ON
M5H 1X9                                            e-mail: smorar@salter.com

Electropolis Studios Inc.
5091 Terminal Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 3Y1                                             e-mail: rpower@salter.com

Mirvish Productions .......         http://www.mirvish.com/

The New VR
33 Beacon Road
P.O. Box 519
Barrie, Ontario
L4M 4T9

 E-mail addresses...   thenewvr@thenewvr.ca    or    vrland@thenewvr.ca

(The New VR runs Star Trek Voyageur episodes.  They are also known to show  many Canadian Programs.)

Topsail Entertainment Limited
1583 Hollis Street, 2nd Floor
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3J 1V4
Tel 902 421-1326
Fax 902 423-0484      contact@topsailentertainment.com  or       www.topsailentertainment.com

Bravo!Canada ...

(Ask about MM's short film "An Intrigue of Manners"

To contact Arts & Minds via e-mail: ArtsMinds@bravo.ca
For viewer enquiries via e-mail: Bravomail@bravo.ca
To access the Bravo! web site: www.bravo.ca

299 Queen Street West,
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2Z5

Show Me               http://www.showmetoronto.com/toronto_theatres.htm

PAX TV                                             http://www.pax.tv/contact/        Pax-Tv  URL ,
Official Site at Pax:                  http://www.pax.tv/twice/

 Company Information
 Name: Pebblehut Productions               ( Tv show "Twice in a Lifetime")
 345 Carlaw Ave, 3rd floor.
 Toronto, Ontario
  M4M 2T4   Canada

Tel: 416-778-6800
Fax: 416-778-8588

Toronto or Canadian Theatres... (I need addresses and other information for the following?)

Canadian Stage company

Tarragon Theatre
30 Bridgman Ave.                                           artistic director URJO KAREDA
 Toronto, ON M5R 1X3                                 general manager MALLORY GILBERT
 email: info@tarragontheatre.com                     associate artistic director ANDY MCKIM

Soul Pepper Theatre Company (?)

The Shaw Festival....               Click for more detailed information
Shaw Festival Theatre
Christopher Newton, Artistic director
Box 774, 10 Queen's Parade
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Canada L0S 1J0

The Stratford Festival .... http://www.stratfordfestival.ca/2001/beyondthestage/auditions.html
 (Many RTA actors have appeared here)

American tv....

Sony is one of the Sponsors for "Strong Medicine"
- a show Mickey had a guest spot on ...

Their e-mail address is

Bravo (USA)
Bravo / NBC
2 Park Avenue, 11th Floor
 New York, NY 10016

INTERNET ADDRESS: http://www.bravotv.com
 http://www.bravotv.com/Contact_Us/ (and there is a request a series option on the above form)

Whoopi Goldberg .........         Click here for more information

ABC -TV                                                (Disney owned)          http://www.abc.go.com/
77 West 66th Street.
New York, NY. 10023

CBS - TV                                               CBS Productions.         http://www.cbs.com/
51 West 52nd Street.                       or     c/o CBS
New York, NY. 10019                           10880 Wilshire Blvd., No. 1000
                                                                Los Angeles, California 90024

Fox Broadcasting Company                                             http://www.fox.com/
P.O.Box 900
Beverly Hills, Calif. 90213
30 Rockerfeller Plaza.
New York, NY. 10112

American Indian Television Network,
P O Box 58, Brandywine
MD 20613.

BBC/ Lionheart,
630 Fifth Ave, Ste 2220,
New York NY 10111

The European office is
BBC TV Center, Woodlane,
Shepard's Bush, London
W12 7RJ England;

Belisarius Productions,
100 Universal City Plaza,
Universal City CA 91608;

Columbia Pictures Television,
1438 N Gower St,
Los Angeles CA 90028-8394

Harpo Productions,
(Oprah Winfrey's production company)
phone (312) 633-1000.

Lorimar Television,
10202 W Washington Blvd.,
Culver City CA 90232.

Native American Public Broadcasting Consortium,
PO Box 86111,
1800 North 33rd Street,
Lincoln NE 68501; phone (402) 472-3522.

United Paramount Network              (They ran Star-Trek:Voyager and Viper) also called "UPN"
P.O.Box 251735
Los Angeles, Calif. 90025

The Disney Channel              (The co-produced and ran the series "Avonlea" )
3800 West Alameda Ave.
Burbank, Calif. 91505

Fox Family Channel                           (Formerly the Family Channel that ran Rin Tin Tin,  MM did a guest  shot)
10960 Wiltshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90024

Lifetime                                             (Mickey did a guest spot on "Strong Medicine", and they run "Conspiracy of Silence")
309 west 49th Street.
New York, NY. 10019

Lions Gate Entertainment                 (They did Joe's Lando's series, Higher Ground)
5750 Wilshire Blvd. #501
Los Angeles, CA. 90036

PHONE: 323.692.7300    FAX: 323.692.7373

Starz Encore
Corporate Headquarters
5445 DTC Parkway, Suite 600
Englewood, CO 80111
(303) 771-7700
FAX (303) 267-4098

The National Network
685 Third Ave, 20th Floor
New York, NY 10017

 TNN Public Relations
 685 Third Avenue
 New York, NY l00l7-4099

1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
e-mail  help@vh1mail.com

Movie Studios

Miramax Films Corps
7966 Bevelry Blvd.
Los Angeles,  California 90048
Telephone  -323 -951-4200
Fax 1-323- 951-4216

 Ms. Clancy Collins                       ( The person in charge of television productions at MGM )
 Senior VP of Television
 2500 Broadway
 Santa Monica, CA 90404

MGM Studios,
10000 W Washington Blvd.,
Culver City CA 90232;

Mr. Hank Cohen, President           (The individual to contact at MGM regarding future videos )
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.
2500 Broadway Street
Santa Monica, California 90404-3061

Sony Pictures Studios,
Culver City CA 90232.

Culver Studios,
9336 W Washington Blvd,
Bldg. C, Room 209,
Culver City CA 90232.

MTM Productions,                         Mary Tyler Moore production company.
4024 Radford Ave,
Studio City CA 91604;

Paramount Pictures,
5555 Melrose Ave,
Hollywood CA 90038.

Touchstone Pictures,                     (Adult division of Disney)
1888 Century Park East,
Los Angeles CA 90067.

20th Century-Fox,
Box 900,
Beverly Hills CA 90213.

Universal Studios,
Universal City CA 91608.

Warner Brothers,
4000 Warner Blvd,
Burbank CA 91522;


It was mentioned awhile back that since Mickey sang in "Conspiracy of Silence", "By Way of the Stars" and  on "Avonlea" that there is some interest in him doing a CD. Mickey sing? Why not? Or he could do some dramatic readings ( poems, short stories) . There are endless possibilities. The man has a very expressive voice ... might be interesting to hear what he could do with it, eh? Below are the names and addresses of record companies.

(The following addresses were supplied by Francie)

American Gramaphone                                MCA Records
9130 Mormon Ridge Rd.                             70 Universal City Pl.
Omaha, NE 68152                                      Universal City, CA 91608

Arista Records                                             Rounder Records
6 West 57th Street                                       One Camp Street
New York, NY 10019                                 Cambridge, MA 02140

Atlantic Records                                           RykoDisc
75 Rockefeller Plaza                                     Pickering Wharf Bldg C 3-G
New York, NY 10019                                 New York, NY 10019

Capital Records, Inc.                                    Shanachie Records
1750 N. Vine Street                                     37 E. Clinton Street
Hollywood, CA                                            Newton, NJ 07860

Channel Productions                                      TelArc
P.O. Box 454                                                23307 Commerce Pk. Rd.
Twin Falls, ID 83303                                     Cleveland, OH 44122

Columbia Records/Sony Music                      Virgin Records
550 Madison Ave., 26th Floor                       338 N. Foothill Road
New York, NY 10022                                  Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Knitting Factory                                             Warner Brothers
74 Leonard Street                                          3300 Warner Blvd.
New York, NY 10012                                   Burbank, CA 91505

Windham Hill
 P.O. Box 9388
Stanford, CA 94309


Thanks for sending me addresses and e-mail addresses ....  Audrey, Anne, Deb (Pike369), Jean, Francie, Maria, MiMi,  Nancy, Naneki,  Peggy, Stacy, Stella and Tina  ....send me more information and I will be happy to add your name to the list.  Kitty :-D