"Wilderness Run"
Michael Mahonen as "Hanley"

                                                                                                                Wilderness Run
Michael Mahonen (Dirk Hanley) Teryl Rothery (Julie Stone) Katie Mitchell (Iris Benson)   Cory Dagg (Pete) John Henry Canavan (Ben) Michelle Thrush (Elise Grayhawk)

Cameron Westlake, a police officer, volunteers to spend a week helping her friend Elise Grayhawk, who run Camp Sasamat, a retreat for over worked executives.

Hanley (Michael Mahonen) and his friend, Mike, plot to kidnap his former boss, Iris Bentine,  <>and hold her for five million dollars ransom. Hanley had been a janitor at her corporation, but <>  was fired and is very bitter about it. He plots revenge...

Iris, and her assistant, Julie Stone, have come for a week long retreat in the wilderness. Here  they are supposed to spend time in the woods, enjoying nature and learn team work skills as  a "get back to nature, and find your true self" experience; but, Iris is work driven and can  not relax . She is annoyed that Julie talked her into taking time off from work.

Hanley stops a pair of forest rangers, kills them and steals their uniforms. Then he and his  Mike, pretending to be Rangers Crawford and Barnes, proceed to the woods to find and  kidnap his former boss, Iris Bentine!

Pretending to help the women at first ,  it turns nasty when Iris insists that they be taken back to the main camp. Hanley forces them back to his cabin, deep in the woods. It is here that they learn who he is and about the ransom demand... he expects Iris to call her corporate office, and have her treasurer deliver the money to him; or she will be killed.

Iris is very stubborn and pretends to call her treasurer, not wanting to give into Hanley's demands. Julie learns that when Iris called her office, she only spoke to an answering machine not her treasurer..Julie , in a panic, calls Hanley and tells him what has happened. When Iris refuses to call her office again; Hanley takes Julie out side and pretends to shoots her. (She is actually the master mind behind the kidnapping plot...)  When Iris again refuses to make the call, Hanley holds the gun to Westlake head; Iris makes the call.

The women devise a plan to escape from Hanley and Mike, using a shotgun shell that they  had stolen from some campers, they blow the lock off of the door and run into the woods. Hanley and Mike pursue them, and the women are re-captured.

Cole and Frankie, who are also police officers, who work with Westlake, and drive the powerful Viper  car; are concerned when they can not reach her on her phone. They head for the woods when she is reported "missing". They also learn that Bentine's office has received a ransom demand., and that Westlake is their wilderness guide. They devise a plan to rescue her.

When the  ransom money arrives, Frankie is driving the van, Hanley decides to  double crosses his partners in crime (Mike and Julie), and  drives away with the money  planning to keep it all for himself! Cole jumps into the Viper and heads him off, slamming the Viper into the van Hanley is driving. Cole and Hanley have a fist fight, and  Hanley, Mike and Julie are all arrested.
Writer: Terry D. Nelson
Episode Number: 44    Season Num: 3    First Aired: Tuesday November 25, 1997    Prod Code: 130
Director: Mick MacKay

Star: Dawn Stern (Allie Farrow (Season 2)),  Fay Hauser (Mara),  J. Downing (Special Agent Catlett (Season 3 - 4)),
 James McCaffrey (Joe Astor (Season 1, 4)),  Dorian Harewood (Julian Wilkes (Season 1)),  Heather Medway
(Cameron Westlake (Season 2 - 4)),  Jeff Kaake (Thomas Cole (Season 2 - 3)),  Joe Nipote (Franklin X. Waters)

Guest Star: Michael Mahonen (Dirk Hanley),  Teryl Rothery (Julie Stone),  Katie Mitchell (Iris Benson),  Cory Dagg (Pete), 
John Henry Canavan (Ben),  Michelle Thrush (Elise Grayhawk)

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