........ Mickey in Toronto........

Mickey in Toronto on October 30, 2000

Mickey  October 30, 2000

The Gemini  Awards were on television, but ....
Mickey and I were in the lobby of the hotel  chatting , as I took a few pictures...  :-D

First he laughed at something that  I had said... then asked me to repeat something. (he liked my accent :-D ) Mickey explained that he had done a play, years ago, called "D Street and Broadway", which is in South Boston, only one block from where I had lived when I was small and he had used what he had learned as a Boston accent........ and me being a Bostonian,  he wanted to hear how I said different words. Some of my words were not pronounced as he had learned.


Mickey was answering one of my questions about Gus  Pike, I had made a comment on how  he looked...that he no longer looked 15 years old; but, that he  finally looked like an adult. :) He smiled and said that he thought Gus was 17 years old in "How Kissing was Discovered" and then he finally got  to autograph a photo for me...  (cat grin :-D)

November 10, 2000 ..... :-D   I have been asked about the two large pictures on the top of the page ...here is a more detailed view of them both :-D  (Forgive the "dust spots" ...they came from the scanner ....guess I need to do a little house work, eh?)



                                                               All photographs by Kitty Hadley

                                                                    Kitty in Toronto... :-D

As promised, I will try to recount  (briefly) my unbelievable five days in Toronto. I have been home for a couple of weeks now... so, some of it is a bit of a blur ... and other parts seem like a fairy tale...with me as Cinderella. :-D

I had five days to explore the city, and so I walked as much as I could, rode the subway and even had a car ride north of the city. All in all, I walked all over the University of Toronto and saw many of the old buildings used in Anne of Green Gables and "The Return of Gus Pike"; and tried not to giggle or say out loud "...there's another place I remember...:".Yes, I took lots of pictures and will put them on my "Our Avonlea" Site...  ( I know you have heard this before ..."when I find the time..."). I spent most of one day at Casa Loma, which is an old mansion that looks like an English castle, and as I came out  of the "Castle" I spotted Spadina House ....Captain Ames home in "The Return of Gus Pike"!

Sunday I spent the day with my friend, Alexandra, exploring Black Creek-Pioneer Village,  ...and saw Jasper Dale's house and the Newspaper Office. The most exciting part of the day was going to Uxbridge and walking all over King Farm, standing outside  the King barn and remembering all of the times I had seen members of  the King family or Gus Pike standing there. The King farm house is now a tan color with dark shutters. The road leading into the farm  is still imbedded with red crushed brick, to make it Prince Edward Island red! That night, tired, but happy I went to the Gemini Award Industry Gala, and from a distance, saw Mag Ruffman ,  Megan Follows and Janet-Laine Green ( who played Eliza Pike)! Talk about Cinderella at the ball!

Monday morning I did more sight seeing, back to the University and downtown to the CN Tower, which can be seen from just about everywhere in Toronto.  Later in the day, I went out for a bite to eat . As I entered the hotel lobby , I remembered my friends telling me that Gemini weekend it was possible to see celebrities ... just about anywhere in Toronto. Ok...  that sounded good to me :)  I looked up and saw a tall, thin man , dressed in black who looked vaguely familiar.... Hummm? He turned and faced me. Could it be ? Omigosh! It WAS!

Standing there before me, was ( drum roll ... please...) none other than,  Michael Mahonen!  I walked over, held out my hand and said "Hello, I'm Kitty ..." and waited breathlessly for him to say  ..."Hello, I'm Mickey ..."  He had been at the hotel congratulating some friends on their Gemini nominations and Gemini wins, and  he asked if I were planning to go to the ceremonies that evening. When I replied that I had attended the evening before, he suggested that we find a place to sit and talk. Just beyond the lobby were large sitting rooms, where  we were able to chat and I took some pictures.

Mickey graciously posed for two photos, then I sat and we talked ... and talked, with  me snapping an occasional photo. I am not sure I can remember all of the conversation, it was hard not to stare into those beautiful green eyes; and that smile ... well, that was enough to make me loose my train of though. "All right now.   ... my name is ... ah ... ah...  " <G>

Here is some of what I DO remember ...

We talked about the MM sites, and how pleased he was at the interest of his fans .

Gus Pike., yes, dear Gus. When I asked about Gus, Mickey said that he thought of Gus as being about 17 years old when he first appeared on the show. A boy of mystery, who had had a hard childhood. He was surprised when Gus got the job at the hotel  and most of the stories took place there. He felt that the light house  was more in keeping with Gus's character. Later, when Gus left to go to sea,  it brought back some of the "mystery"  to his character., making him more interesting.

When I asked if he had ever done any of the  fiddle playing on the show, he explained that he had learned several of Gus's songs, but had never learned to play as well as Gus or the actual fiddle player ; so none of his playing was ever heard.

On to "By Way of the Stars"... and his eye color. When Fransoise said that Ben's eyes were green and  Ursula said "...no, they're blue..." ., he was surprised  to hear that.

"Strong Medicine": Mickey mentioned that he was "ready" early in the morning; but waited five hours to be "called' to the set. Then it was several more hours before he got to do his scene. The director wanted him to be restrained, to try and hold back the tears as long as possible. Wow. His scene was incredible, some one said that it was a "doozey" of a scene ( Sounds like a Whoopi Goldberg word, eh? ). It was unbelievable, I have watched it a dozen times, and  am moved by it every time I see it.

"The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios"... In this, and other roles, Mickey is able to "cry" realistically. Is it easy?  He replied that is was never easy, that most people make an effort, during an emotional moment, NOT to cry.; the actor must be willing to "let" himself  feel the characters emotions. By doing research on the role and imagining what the character is going through at that particular moment in time... it is possible to make the tears flow. That and working with the other actors in the scene, help make the tears possible. ( He still makes it look easy :-D)

"Conspiracy of Silence": Lee Colgan,  who was one of four young men who murder a young Cree Indian girl, and keep silent about it for sixteen years.  Lee was  a dark character, a wife beater, drunk and possible murdered;  and that it was an effort on Mickey's part  to rid himself of any "traces" of  Lee's character. I did ask about the photo of  Lee and  his wife, Sandy, in the bedroom, that we have all seen. He said there had been a scene filmed, but since it showed more of Lee's character, but did not move the story forward, it was cut from the film.

"Canada-A People's History". I hadn't seen it yet, but Mickey explained that John Jewitt had been captured by the Indians, and was held hostage for several years. Jewitt had an English accent, because he had come from the Mid-lands. Since I love doing accents, he and I did different accents for a few minutes. :-D ( I have since seen this and Mickey is excellent ... his accent sounds like the one my friends in England have :-D Bravo, Mick ... you do, indeed, have an ear for accents!)

Mickey mentioned in  "An Intrigue of Manners" that  he also does an English accent; but this was a more proper, more refined accent. He made the comment that his character wore a long wig, and that he would be doing a  sword fighting scene,  as well. I can't wait to get my copy of this one :-D

"Captured" ....ugh! A very different and difficult film to watch. While we were talking  , I said that this film  had some very interesting moments, but would have been done to perfection if it had been done by Alfred Hitchcock, and he laughed, and said that that was an interesting idea. (Trying to remember :-0) "With Hitchcock directing, it would have been a dead match. I think he would have done some significant work on the script, but he would have made a terrific film of the story"..  :)

("A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the baby sitter were worth it." - Alfred Hitchcock)

We chatted for a little while longer about my children and family. It was his idea, he asked <G>... and since I am always willing to talk about my children.... I did (Cheeky grin from the cat :-D) Mickey  autographed a photo for me  and it was time for him to leave. As we walked to the lobby door, and passed under the chandelier; I stopped him and asked one more question. " Just what color ARE your eyes ?".  He grinned, because it was an often asked question.;  and said that  they seemed to change color, depending on what he was wearing. I looked and saw : green, a little gray, a little blue and some flecks of gold. Hummmm :) Lovely eyes, with very long lashes...but ...they are green !

Mickey left, and I floated up to my room ... feeling like Cinderella ...  wondering if  I had been dreaming or if  I  had really spoken to him?  Well... the pictures above, prove that it wasn't a dream !  But, if it had been ...and I was Cinderella... would that make him Prince Charming?  I am sure that Felicity  would have thought so  :-D