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                                                                                                        May 05, 2006
I just received a message from Mag Ruffman concerning the Avonlea Reunion at the Royal Ontario Museum on Sunday, May 7, 2006 from 2:00 to 3:30 pm in the afternoon. There are still tickets available, but it would be best to go to the ROM site and pre order your ticket to ensure that you are able to attend the event. It might be possible to get a ticket at the door, but why take the chance of the event being all sold out?


Confirmed attendees so far are:
Jackie Burroughs (Hetty King)
R.H. Thomson (Jasper Dale)
Michael Mahonen (Gus Pike)
Gema Zamprogna (Felicity King Pike) (she is 8 ¾ months pregnant and actually due this weekend! Gema, had a baby boy, Sam on Monday))
Ian Clark (Simon Tremayne)
Mag Ruffman (Olivia Dale)
Marilyn Lightstone (Miss Stacy)
John Welsman ( Avonlea music composer)

Michael Mahonen and David Fox will be appearing in William Shakespeare's play "The Tempest" in North Bay Ontario from July 29 to August 10,
 2005 contact The Heritage Festival  or   Nipissing Stage Company, phone # 705-840-2617 , or www.nipstage.com

Heritage Festival - outdoors on the waterfront  ... July 29, 30, 31, August 1 , 2005

Nipissing University Theatre  ... August 3,4,5,6,7, 2005

Stockey Centre For The Performing Arts, Parry Sound  ... August 9, 10, 2005

More news on Sandstorm.

9-29-2004 ... Latest news is that Sandstorm has won the Best Feature Film Award in Houston , Texas ...

Sandstorm has won another award and we have also received confirmation for ten upcoming festivals (including the three that I posted here recently).

The award is for Best Feature Film at the Independents' Film festival in Tampa, Florida. Here is the link to the site.


The award will be given out the weekend that they screen the winning films.

"This is Wonderland" ... will be coming out soon ( summer of 2005) on DVD. New

Michael Mahonen guests on episode #5 ( no title available at this moment) as Patrick Bellamy ... a blue collar worker  who does something foolish and winds up in deep trouble.( January 2004)

The show revolves around Alice De Raey (Cara Pifko), a young criminal lawyer thrown into a justice system bursting at the seams. She encounters an endless procession of characters-ranging from the truly desperate to the wonderfully bizarre. Alice, with a good-natured openness that cloaks a tenacious, committed spirit, finds herself on a journey that constantly tests her patience and compassion.

Set in Toronto's Old City Hall, cast regulars include Michael Riley ( The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios) , Michael Murphy , Michael Healey , Siu Ta Eric Peterson  and Kathryn Winslow .

Quote from Michael -  "I have been asked to inform you whenever I will be on stage. I will be performing in a Lunar (Chinese) New Year Gala in Toronto on Saturday, January 10. 2004 at the John Bassett Theatre Metro Toronto Convention Centre.. I will act in a short skit as well as sing both solo and with a group in another performance. The evening includes performances from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the National Ballet of Canada and many others performances by a wide range of high caliber musicians, dancers and singers.

Quote from Michael - " The movie "Sandstorm" has been entered into two festivals so far (we missed the main film festival season which ended about two months ago) and has been accepted into the competition section of the Mumbai International Film Festival in India, running from February 3-9, 2004 ".

  Mickey has been working.

1) Shakespeare... two pages now on site. Macbeth Synopsis page and Macbeth photo page.

Mickey played a part in a short filmed version of Macbeth. It will be an hour long and he will be playing the role of the slain king Duncan's son Malcolm, which has been cut down to a few lines in this very shortened version of the play.

There's a director in Toronto who has made 5 shortened versions of Shakespeare plays in a series called, "Introducing Shakespeare". Usually, 1/3 to 3/4 of the plays is cut depending on the original length.  David Fox (John Blythe in "Anne" and Clive Pettibone on "Avonlea") played the role of King Lear in one of the earlier films done by this director last summer.

This version of MacBeth will run on Bravo!Canada ... A TASTE OF SHAKESPEARE: MACBETH receives its WORLD TELEVISION PREMIERE on BRAVO! NewStyleArtsChannel November 12th, 2003 at 7:30 p.m. e.s.t.

If you would like to order a copy of MacBeth on video....click here.

To learn more about the production of Macbeth ... click here.
[Special thanks to Jean Camire of CamNCon for the link]

2) One hour movie."Sandstorm"

Mickey will let us know when the movie he wrote and directed has been completed. He shot a few extra scenes recently and will be adding those into the final edit. Hopefully when it is finished it might be available on video or DVD. The movie is titled "Sandstorm"

Conspiracy of Silence will air on Lifetime Television at 1:00 PM/est on Thursday  April 10th, 2003

Mickey appeared  in Boston, Massachusetts on April 27, 2002 - for a benefit concert for  "Friends of Falun Gong" at Berklee Performance Center, to call attention to , and in the hopes of stopping the killing of practitioners in mainland China.

Viper "Wilderness Run"  ... See Mickey as the "bad guy" ... wearing a goatee & mustache, and a stolen  Park Ranger uniform!
Monday, March 11 @ 10 am/cst on the SCIFI Channel

November 29th, on CBC at 8pm, watch the programme "Opening Night"

Michael Mahonen and Michael Riley in "The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios" ... two friends who deal with the tragedy of one of them getting AIDS because of a tainted blood transfusion.

To request 'Red Badge of Courage' CD's .. ;D (Thanks , Nancy .for the information).

phone: 1-877-Bowdens      or e-mail: radiodramaoncd@toronto.cbc.ca.and order by credit card.  or mail:
"Red Badge of Courage"
Radio Drama on CD
P.O. Box 500, Station A
Toronto, Ontario, M5W 1E6

Letter from CBC...

"The Red Badge of Courage" has just been released on CD for $21.  You have 3 options to place your order.  You can reply to this message and send me your information, you can call (416) 205-5966 which is the Radio Drama on
CD order line, or you can write to Radio Drama on CD care of CBC box 500 station A Toronto M5W 1E6.

The information that I will need is the type of credit card you are using, the number, expiration date and your mailing address.

If you are ordering by mail you can send a cheque payable to CBC.


Radio Drama On CD

Michael has been busy learning a new medium... radio! This month he did a radio adaptation of Stephen Crane's novel, "The Red Badge of Courage"  for CBC and BBC Radio ... the air date is set for some time in March, 2001 !
For more details  check out this page ... "The Red Badge of Courage"

Air dates

March 25 @ 10:05 PM EST on CBC Radio 1 which is 99.1 FM in Toronto

March 26 @ 9:05 PM EST on CBC Radio 2 (don't know station number)

April 15 @ 15:02 (local British time) on BBC

April 21 @ 21:02 (local British time) on BBC
  Listen on the internet   http://cbc.ca/audio.html

Newspaper article from the Kirkland Lake Gazette ...October 20, 2000

Mahonen plays captive...

KIRKLAND LAKE - Kirkland Lakers will once again have a chance to see one of their native sons on television.
Actor Michael Mahonen will be appearing this Sunday evening at 8 p.m. in the first episode of the 16-part CBC
documentary entitled Canada- A People's History. Mr. Mahonen plays the part of John Jewitt, an English sailor and iron smith, captured by Nootka Chief Maquinna, on the west coast of what is now Canada during the early days of North American exploration. Jewitt was captured because of his ability to make weapons for the natives. Jewitt and Maquinna eventually became friends, Mr. Mahonen said in a telephone interview from Toronto.

The story of Jewitt and the Nootka chief is one of the things that appealed to him in taking the role, Mr. Mahonen said. “It's a great story and a great character,” he said. He added that this particular part of the series could probably be made into a movie of its own. According to Mr. Mahonen, there are two interesting aspects to the episode. The first is that throughout the entire show, he is speaking into the camera as in an interview. The second is that the dialogue he uses comes from the actual diary of John Jewitt.

Mahonen has also recently finished a project in the United States. He just shot a guest spot on a Whoopie Goldberg
produced series entitled Strong Medicine ("Second Look"). The program is shown on the U.S. cable network Lifetime so it is unlikely most Canadians will get to view it. Currently Mr. Mahonen is reading scripts and auditioning for parts in an effort to broaden his acting career.

                                                                                                       Canada: A People's History ___________________________________

                                                                                            Michael Mahonen as "John Jewitt"
This is a massive 30 hour mini-series which is a docu-drama scanning the history of Canada, from before the first arrival of Europeans.

Michael is in one of the segments ( about 30 minutes)  and he narrates directly into the camera as though it were a biographer to whom he is telling his story. It is set in the early 1800's and he plays John Jewitt, another Englishman. The dialogue Michael speaks is actually taken verbatim from his (Jewitt's) personal journal. It is ofcourse based on actual events.  It has been described as  "... an absolutely fascinating story ..."

The air date is on October 22, 2000 on CBC.
(Click on CBC, for more information :-D

                             First CBC-TV Telecast:
                             Sunday, October 22, 2000 - 8 to 10 p.m.

                             Repeat CBC-TV Telecasts:
                             Sunday, October 22, 2000 - 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. &
                             Thursday, October 26, 2000 - 8 to 10 p.m.

                             Newsworld Telecast:
                             Monday, December 25, 2000 - 10 to 12 midnight

                             (Episode begins a half hour later in Newfoundland.)
                             Director/Writer: Andrew Gregg
                             Editor: Jacques Milette

   The opening episode of this 16-part documentary ranges across the continent, looking back more than 15,000 years to recount the varied history of the first occupants of the territory that would become Canada. From the rich resource of native oral history and  archeology come the stories of the land's first people - how dozens of distinct societies  took shape, and how  they encountered a strange new people, the Europeans. Among the earliest of these epoch-making encounters is  the meeting between Jacques Cartier and Donnacona, the Iroquoian chief whom Cartier first met on the Gaspé shore in 1534 and later kidnapped. Later on the Pacific coast, Nootka chief Maquinna encounters John Jewitt, (Michael Mahonen)  the English sailor who became his captive and eventually his reluctant friend.

   Featuring: Yvan Ponton (Jacques Cartier), Michael Mahonen (John Jewitt), Jonathan Jacobson (Maquinna), August Shellenberg (Woodlands Storyteller), Tantoo Cardinal (Plains Storyteller), Lucie Idlout (Inuit Storyteller), Evan Adams (West Coast Storyteller), René-Daniel Dubois (André Thevet), Roger Honeywell (William Cormack)
2001 viewing schedule...

All NINE  of the first season  episodes are to be re-aired beginning in August 16th,  2001 on CBC TV.... and the season premiere of the 2nd season is on September 30, 2001. ( Starting with the 10th episode, the air dates are listed below)

Episode #     Air date .       Title of episode.

10...  Sept 30, 2001...Taking the West.
11...  Oct  07,  2001...The Great Transformation.
12...  Oct  14,  2001...Ordeal by fire.
13...  Oct  21,  2001... Hard Times.
14...  Oct  28,  2001...The Crucible.
15...  Nov 04,  2001...Comfort and Fear.
16...  Nov 11,  2001...Years of Hope and Anger
17...  Nov 18,  2001...Uncertain Country.

An Intrigue of Manners

This is a short film that was done for Bravo Canada. There is a 14 minute version and a 6 minute version. In mid March , the producer/director may be running off copies that might be available for sale. This would include both versions, which are basically the same with the shorter version missing the first section and having some added narration at the beginning which Michael wrote and also narrated. No air date has been set. At this time, it is probable that it will only air in Canada, in the shorter version.

Michael plays an English character in the Restoration period. It is described as  " ... a bit of lighthearted fun...".

Waiting for information as to when it will air on BRAVO (Canada).

Strong Medicine

This is the pilot for  a series shot for the Lifetime channel. Whoopie Goldberg acts in it and is also the executive producer.

No much to say about this one, except Michael has a major scene , which is the basis of the entire episode. So no details were available. Nor is it known when it will air on Lifetime channel .

(Suggestions for the cat... write to Lifetime ; they air "Conspiracy of Silence" on a regular basis, and ask for "anything" in which Michael Mahonen appears!)

"Joe"  in Strong Medicine ,"Second Look" ; Saturday March 24th, at 11 pm/cst or MIDNIGHT est/pst, will air on Lifetime TV!!!!!!  .The Michael Mahonen lounge ( unofficial fan club, at yahoo) has a montage of pictures from the show. :)  http://www.Clubs.yahoo.com/Clubs/michaelmahonenlounge

I just watched this episode, and Michael was awesome! If you missed it, please, watch it on Saturday night... you will be glad that you did.   Bravo, Mickey!  Job well done!

If you thought Mickey's scene was as powerful as I did, and would like to see more of this character, write to Lifetime and ask for more of Michael Mahonen and the character he played ... (click on lifetime here)  LIFETIME         and write your message. :-D
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I will let everyone know when I receive any more "...news..." !