........Giant Steps........

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Arvo Leek  (Michael Mahonen)  is a young high school student,  a dedicated trumpet player, who has a passion for jazz music. He is the son of an Estonian immigrant, and considered, by most of his fellow classmates to be a "geek". Arvo, is innocent and naive; but wants to discover all there is to know about  jazz music from the local musical legend, Slate Thompson (Billy Dee Williams). Arvo , along with his
best friend, Leslie, sneaks out at night because Arvo wants to hear Slate play at the local "jazz joint" or  as he rehearses  in an old warehouse...

One day, while looking for sheet music at the local music store, Arvo sees Slate and tries to follow him home. Slate, realizing that he is being followed,  ducks into blind alleys, slips through people's back yards and even crosses a river thinking to loose Arvo. The boy looks at the river, knows if he doesn't follow, he will loose all hope of finding where Slate is going,  puts his trumpet on his head, and wades across the river  after Slate...

The drummer in Slates band, has a girlfriend who takes a liking to Arvo; and she invites him to come with her that evening to hear Slate play at a party. Arvo finds himself upstairs with the Jazz legend and is challenged  ... " Arvo, my man... play a song for me... if you can "  by Slate. None of the musician believe the teenager knows anything about music. Slate finds an old trumpet for  Arvo  to play, and the musician is impressed and decided to take him in hand, and teach him all there is to know about jazz music ... and life.

Music isn't the only thing Arvo learns. He also has to learn about making decisions that will affect his life; which is also something that Slate Thompson, also has to learn.  Slate wants to play "pure jazz" for his own entertainment, which leaves him poor but happy ; his girl friend, Stella,  is a Jazz singer and wants him to play his music in clubs and earn a living. Slate is in a turmoil because he  must decide where his real "happiness" is...

Arvo must learn "what is important in life..."

"If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not, speak then unto me. "     - William Shakespeare

Arvo is not happy at home, his mother deserted the family years ago;  he and his father fight constantly. His father drinks too much and is unhappy with his job. Arvo wants to have more out of life, than just going to school. Father and son need to learn to live together in harmony. His friend , Leslie, is getting in trouble by cheating on a math test; and helping her brother with some questionable business deals. The drummer and his girl friend, teach Arvo some unhappy lessons in love...

This is a movie about music, lessons in love and in life....

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Troubles with his father ... makes Arvo angry and discontent.

Music seems to be the answer to his problems

Arvo sees his idol Slate Thompson in the music store and is in awe of him!

Listening to Leslie make plans that may be her downfall and he is not happy about it.

Time of innocence is ending ... life long decisions must be made.