Directed by     Peter Liapis

       Cast (in credits order)
 Nick Mancuso... as Holden Downs.

Andrew Robert Breed.

 Linda Faye Downs.

  Michael Joey Breed.

                  This is a film filled with violence and language. It is not for the faint of heart.
                               Michael Mahonen plays Joey Breed, one of two brothers who try to steal a car
                               from Nick Mancuso, as Holden Downs. Holden is having a " bad day ", and when
                               the  Breed brothers try to steal his car...he breaks Joey's arm with a tire iron.


                                   Rob pretends to help Holden , as he beats up Joey. When Holden's back is turned,
                                Rob clubs him over the head, and rescues his younger brother. Back at the house
                                the brothers plan their next move. Rob "sets" Joey's arm, and then plans to steal
                                Holden's car from the garage at his house. Rob vows he will get even and he will
                                get the car!


                               The trouble starts when Rob goes to Holden's' house to carry out the theft.
                                From this  point on it is hard to tell who is the "good guy or the bad guy".
                                Holden waits until Rob is in the car; then has his car security system lock...
                                Rob is in the car... and he has been  "Captured..."

                                Holden vents his anger on Rob...for all the problems he is having with his
                                business , and environmentalist who is trying to prevent from building  ;  and
                                for all of the injustices he see in the judicial system. He captures and
                                        tortures Rob.

                                When Rob does not return home, Joey goes to Holden's house to find him. By
                                this time Holden's mental state has deteriorated to the point where he is out to
                                kill anyone who stands in his way. He finds Joey hiding in his house  , they fight;
                                Joey,  even with a broken arm, disarm him and then he manages to break free;
                                and Holden goes on a hunt in his house to find Joey. They "meet" in the hall and
                                Holden shoots Joey point blank...

                                       In the mean time, Holden's wife returns from visiting her sister; and finds Rob
                                in the car. He tricks her into letting him out ; and uses her as bait for her husband.
                                While searching the large house for Holden Downs, Rob finds Joey stuffed in a
                                 closet ... dead! Rob, in a rage; goes in search of his brother's killer.

                               The plot twists and turns...and there is a surprise ending. This is not a movie to
                               watch if you are home alone.

                               Michael Mahonen is my favorite actor; I wish his part had been bigger...what he
                               did was good, and he was believable ( as always). At one point I liked him better
                               than the "good guy" who was having his car stolen.

                               Hope Nick Mancuso uses Michael in more films...he was excellent in "Captured."

                               I  would like to thank my friend, Jon from England,
                                                for the use of these photos from "Captured";
                                                                  please visit his site...

100 minutes- R, USA, 1999, (CC), Video, In Stereo, Adult language, violence
                                 Directed by Peter Liapis and starring
                             Nick Mancuso, Andrew Divoff, Linda Hoffman
                             Michael Mahonen, Seth Peterson, Paul Collins

     The sadistic owner of a high-tech automobile puts a would-be car thief through a round of torture.