By Way of the Stars

   Set in the 19th century, this story is a classic adventure beginning in the courts of noblemen in  Prussia moving to the wilds of   the North American  prairies.Lukas Bienmann is thrown into emotional turmoil  when his mother dies and his grandfather angrily  leaves for Canada, blaming Lukas' father for his daughter's death.Lukas' father is wrongly accused of  a crime he did not commit, and so flees Prussia for the Canadian wilderness. Left alone, Lukas sets out  to follow his father to the unknown     land and join him. In Lukas' search for his father, he discovers friendship, possibly love and to hold onto his newfound  dreams he must bravely encounters all sorts of villains who stand in his way.
                              Zachary Bennett .... Lukas Beinmann
                             Gema Zamprogna .... Ursula von Knabig
                        Christian Kohlund .... Karl Beinmann
                                Anja Kruse ......... Maria Beinmann
                             Dietmar Sch nherr ...... Friedrich Brunneck
                                Jan Rubes ............. Hausierer Nathan
                              Hannes Jaenicke ....... Otto von Lebrecht
                            Dominique Sanda ........... Christina von Knabig
                           Gunther Maria Halmer ....... Heinrich von Knabig
                      Volker Lechtenbrink .... Diener Jurgen
                  Michael Mahonen .... Ben Davis
                Andrew Bednarski .... Helmut
                        Gavin Magrath .... Mathias
                        Toby Proctor .... Franz
                     Jiri Dolanski .... Ha

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The romance of Ben and Ursula, takes up only a small part of the film. Ursula is still very much the Baroness when she and Ben meet; and she is very unreceptive to his advances. It is only, after Ben kisses her in the moonlight, she slaps him, and  then confesses to Francois, who she really is; that Ursula begins to unwind and the romance begins.

Slowly, Ben and Ursula become friends; he even tries to teach her how to shoot a rifle ... not knowing that she has been shooting all of her life. Ursula learns the way of the "new world" , and looses some of her ridged ideas of class; and accepts Ben for the man he is and not  for his social  position in life.

Ben is concerned when he finds out that Ursula has become betrothed to a stranger, back in Prussia. When her father arrives and wants to take her home with him; Ursula is torn between home and  the man she has fallen in love with, Ben Davis. She asks him ..."Do you love me?",  "What...?" he asks, not sure what is about to happen. "DO you love me...?" she asks again and he replies "...Yes!". When confronted by the Baron, Ben looks him  directly in the eyes, declares his love for Ursula , then asks her father for permission to marry her. The Baron is reluctant; but  after a moment of thought, and the pleading look in his daughter's eyes, does give his permission...

Ben admits that he loves Ursula  ......         Ben is worried about Lukas being lost..

Ben and Ursula talk about Lukas  ; then talk about her being engaged to someone she has never even met

"I'll bet you like to dance..." Ben says to Ursula, trying to get acquainted with her.

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Berthold Auerbach

"Your favorite song..? I might know the it... tell me  name of the song...I'll try to play it..."

"Do  you the fella...?", Ben asks when Ursula tells him she is betrothed.

"No..." she replied".. it was arranged when I was fourteen... we will meet when I am eighteen"

Ben is willing to risk all to protect the wagon train.

Having killed an Indian during the battle, Lucas wanders off in shock. Ben finds him trying to wash the blood off of his shirt.

"It's all right... I'll loan you one of my shirts..." , he says as he tries to comfort the stricken boy.

     By Way Of The Stars

Based on the novel
  "The Long Journey of Lukas B." by Willi Fahrmann

      Starring Zachary Bennet ("Road To Avonlea","Looking for Miracles")
  and Gema Zamprogna ("The Challengers" and "Road to Avonlea")
     Michael Mahonen("Conspiracy of Silence" and Road to Avonlea")

BY WAY OF THE STARS (TVMS)  *** 1/2  setting: other/USA./CDN.
(1992) (/German) Zachary Bennett, Gema Zamprogna, Hannes Jaenicke, Christian Kohlund, Dietmar Schonherr, Dominique Sanda, Jan Rubes, Tantoo Cardinal, Albert Millaire, Michael Mahonen ...Prussian peasant boy and a Baron's daughter (Bennett and Zamprogna) in the 1800s travel to North America in search of his falsely-accused fugitive father; while being pursued by the real villain. Uneven youth-aimed adventure starts out drily, hits its stride in the middle with colourful characters and fast-pacing, then deteriorates in a choppy, confusing final episode. Stand-out supporting performances include Kohlund (as the father), Cardinal and Millaire. Still, more lively than most of producer Kevin Sullivan's works. The German version contains an extra two-hours. The Canadian version runs 4 Marlene Matthews (from the novel The Long Journey of Lukas B by Willi Fahrmann). dir: Allan King. - violence.-

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