... Biloxi Blues ... 

Michael Mahonen ( Epstein) and Kiel Martin (Jerome)
 Eugene: Man it's hot. It's like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot.

Biloxi Blues is the second of Neil Simon's trilogy of autobiographical plays which appeared on Broadway and the big screen. Biloxi Blues is the sequel to Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs.This wry comedy follows the continuing story of Simon's alter ego, a young Jew from Brooklyn  named Eugene Jerome who enlists in the army towards the end of World War II. While in bootcamp, Eugene
  discovers that many of the same soldiers who are eager  to fight the Nazis are also antisemitic.

In the steamy heat of Biloxi, Mississippi, budding writer Eugene  encounters the absurdities of army life, including endless drills, dense bunkmate and chipped beef on toast. He learns the hardships of war through boot camp, to accept other people's differences, falls in love and loses his virginity to a prostitute. He and the other young men must endure the rigorous training and abuse from their drill sergeant. But he also discovers that  his compulsive wisecracking grates on his tough drill sergeant, who just happens to be psychotic. Will Eugene survive ten grueling weeks in fatigues?


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