August 10, 2005

Sad news, I received this message tonight, August 9, 2005 .... about Road to Avonlea's
great-aunt Eliza, Kay Tremblay ---

" I regret to inform you that Kay Tremblay passed away this evening. She was in her ninety-first year. "

I just got an answer, we can send cards to Kay's son, at this address.

Send cards to Michael Tremblay c/o Heinbuck Funeral Home, 156 Albert Street, Stratford, ON, N5A 3K4 (519-271-5062)


is all but finished with the planning stages of Avcon2005, and all is going well.

The Avonlea Convention 2005 will be held at Black Creek Pioneer Village July 29, 30, and 31, 2005, in Toronto,
Ontario, Canada. Friday, July 29th will be a "field trip" day - we will be visiting  specific venues where
Road to Avonlea
was filmed and to take sight seeing trips around the beautiful city of Toronto - where we are
bound to see familiar sights. Dan Matthews, location manager for Sullivan Entertainment for all 7 years of
Road to Avonlea will be our tour guide.

To date, we have had confirmations from R.H. Thomson (Jasper Dale) to return as a guest again this year. Also,
attending will be Rosemary Dunsmore (Aunt Abigail from Road to Avonlea, and Katherine Brooks, the principal in
Anne of Avonlea"). John Welsman, composer of much of the early music on Avonlea - and the composer for "Gus's Song"-
and Alexandra Heilbron, former editor of The Avonlea Tradition Chronicle Magazine, and author of the book "Remembering
Lucy Maud Montgomery
will be in attendance. Mag Ruffman, Avonlea's Aunt Olivia King Dale. James O'Regan, Avonlea's Constable Abner Jeffries.

We are planning another charity auction, and will have professional auctioneer, Mike Matthews return
as our auctioneer.  To see all of last years AvCon04 events and  to see what is being planned for AvCon05
check out Zsolt's web site

AvCon05 has an official web site ... where it is hoped that all who are planning to attend Avcon05 will pre-register

The AvCon05 committee would greatly appreciate it if all who are interested in attending AvCon05 would use the link above and pre register... which
will help us plan for food, seating in the convention center and transportation for the trips to the filming location sites.

Shakespeare Works of Toronto and Doctors Without Borders are AvCon05's two charities. We will post more information
as it becomes available,


July 14, 2005
Michael Mahonen (Gus Pike) and David Fox (Clive Pettibone) are appearing at North Bay, Ontario, on August 1,
2005 in a production of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" - the AvCon05 committee is looking into the possibility
of going to the play.  (Latest news) "The Tempest" will play at 10:00 in the morning, on the beach, as part
of The Heritage Festival, in North Bay, Ontario. This is a "family day" for the festival and admission to the
festival, and admission to "The Tempest" is FREE ! After the play is performed, Michael Mahonen has graciously
agreed to meet all who attend the play - to chat, sign autographs and pose for photographs with AvCon05 attendees :)
It is hoped that we will also meet with David Fox after the play.

July 14, 2005.
Zachary Bennett has his own band "Yonder" and is playing in Toronto- Quote from Shelly's Foreverzach web site.
July 30 ~ Yonder will be playing at the Blue Moon Pub on Queen Street in downtown TO. There is a cover charge of $5; and the doors open at 8
 pm. As an aside, this is during the same weekend as AvCon 2005, so if you're in town for that, and you have nothing to do that Saturday night, do
go see Yonder! :)

July 24, 2005 NEW
The Avcon05 committee just received information that Mag Ruffman, Avonlea's own Aunt Olivia will be attending Avcon05
... we are just waiting to find out if she plans to attend on Saturday or Sunday ... we will let you  all know as soon
as we have the final information.

We just recieved word that Mag Ruffman will attend Saturday and share the two hours in the morning with her TV "husband" ... so we will have Mag Ruffman and RH Thomson... aka Olivia and Jasper.... together again.

That means we will have both Jasper Dale and Olivia King Dale at AvCon05 ... have you registered to attend yet?

Please, pre-register, it will be a great help to the committee when we set up table, plan food and travel arangements for the trips to the filing sites.

AvCon05 committee
James O'Regan who played constable Abner Jeffries is coming to AvCon05... and will be there on Sunday after noon.  He sent some URL's for us to
check out ... on his latest projects.
FYI, I have recently released two projects, a documentary about the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit and a DVD re-release of my comedy short Edsville.

The shooters site is here:

and Edsville here:

All the best, James O'Regan
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

July 14, 2005
Kay Tremblay, Avonlea's great-aunt Eliza is now in a nursing home, but we are planning a card or scroll for all attendees to sign which will be sent
to her to express our appreciation her wonderful work on Avonlea.. for any who would like to send a personal greeting or card to Kay Tremblay, please, read
 the next message. :)
April 4, 2005.

Kay Tremblay, who played Janet King's Great Aunt Eliza, will not be able to attend. Her agent, Ron Barry, sent me
the following message. It would be wonderful if all Road to Avonlea fans could send Kay a note or card to let her
know how much we enjoyed her work!

RON BARRY wrote:
Hi Kitty,
I know that for Kay, 'Road to Avonlea' was one of her most treasured times in the business.  She loved the work, and enjoyed being recognized by the public and being praised by her peers for her wonderful performance. 
I think it's a great idea to have some of her fans send her good wishes and cards saying that they are thinking of her, and still enjoying her performance in reruns of the series.  If you would just send everything care of me here at The Characters, 8 Elm Street 2nd floor, I'll make sure that it gets to her.
Again thank you for your kindness here.  I'm sure Kay will very much appreciate it.
All the best,
Ron Barry
The Characters Talent Agency,
8 Elm Street, 2nd Floor,
Toronto, Ontario,
M5A 1G7

Hi all,

Kevin Sullivan contacted AvCon04 committee after the 2004 convention - we were given permission to post his message.


From : Kevin Sullivan
Sent : Tuesday, July 27, 2004 11:18 PM
To : <muppets123
Subject : AVCON

Dear Ruth - I can't tell you pleased I was to see your Conference turn out to be such a success. You had amazingly glorious weather and
the people who attended were absolutely delightful. It was sincerely a pleasure for me to participate. The discussion brought back many old memories. Funny thing is when I produce shows I immediately forget all about them. I only recall highlights. The clearing out of the mind in
the creative process. It was wonderful to get a glimpse of Avonlea again through fresh eyes, because of the enthusiasm of all of you! My kids
were all of a sudden interested in what I was doing and asked to screen some episodes at home Saturday evening. And they enjoyed themselves
to boot!! So you see they got over their disinterest... greatly boosting my self-confidence at story-telling when sometimes it lags at home.

In any case I thank you and your associates for being so impressively organized, well-informed and passionate. I do hope other fans learn
about it and you have an opportunity to do it again. Your enthusiasm was quite infectious. The other cast members who were unable to make
 it may be charmed into it, another year, by the likes of those who were able to come.

I wish you all the best. It was wonderful to connect. Please extend my best ( and feel free to forward this email) to Kitty, Chris and all of the
other members of the team who made AVCON a reality.


Kevin Sullivan


Financial matters....New information.

We are listing on all the Avcon  sites that registration fees are  cash, ( US dollars or Canadian dollars) or US money orders, Sullivan  Boutique will take
US or CDN  cash and  we can take cash or checks made payable to the charities chosen for 2005

Sullivsn Entertainment has agreed to Cash only(US or CDN funds) for their set prices on boutique items and overbids 
with the overages going to the charity of the buyers choice can be paid by cash OR American or Canadian personal check.
Prices they quoted us on Boutique items were in us funds.

As soon as more details are available - they will be posted.

Our Avonlea

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