If you were born on April 27th...

this *might* be you...?

The Secret Language of Birthdays
Personology Profiles for each day of the year
by Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers (1994)

                                                                                         APRIL 27th (The Day of Self-Sufficiency)

Those born on April 27 can usually be found working behind the scenes; generally they do not assume the leading role unless drafted or forced to do so. They are happiest when they can function undisturbed, tucked away in a safe place  where they give their all to private endeavors. It is rare to find those born on this day preoccupied with a highly developed social life; it is usually within an institution (e.g., school, work, church) that they are able to relate best with others.

April 27 people can manifest a strong presence in human affairs without being physically present. They have great projective powers; their thoughts, initial actions, even their image alone may serve to set things around them in motion. In solitary activity they are never lonely. Nor are they jealous of those who have greater popularity in the public eye or in the eyes of their family and friends. They seek to be useful, to get the job done, and have no time for sophisticated criticism or praise. They feel it is they themselves who know best, only too well, whether they have succeeded or failed and have little need for outside evaluation. Those born on this day have a rare capacity to handle their occasional failures well, moving on undaunted to their next project, building on a knowledge culled from previous mistakes.

In personal relationships as well as in family activities (such as raising children), April 27 people function very well as long as others understand their need for privacy and desire to be alone when working. After hours they can enjoy a quiet evening at home with their spouse and/or children as well as anyone. If they are homemakers, their home will be their castle; most needs and wants can be met in this sphere. They will demand faithfulness and dedication, however, as they are faithful and dedicated  themselves.

The less highly evolved of this day must beware of becoming withdrawn, sullen or abrasive to others. Such April 27 people can be blunt to the point of rudeness. Finding social outlets which they truly enjoy, and perhaps smoothing down some of the rough edges in their personality, they can begin a much needed socialization process. If not, they may be dooming themselves to being alone and unhappy. Those born on this day are often quite accomplished in their craft. Moreover, they know their limitations and capabilities, rarely misjudging the latter. They may, however, push themselves too hard and because of a lack of emotional maturity or suppressed feelings allow destructive outbursts which can drive others away. Their temper is not easily aroused, but once it is, watch out! The destructive powers of April 27 people are considerable.

Those born on this day should seek friends who can help them lighten up. To laugh and to be less serious are two important needs. In this respect they do well with devoted companions who are free-spirited and playful.

This Day in History
1861: After Virginia secedes from  the United States, West Virginia secedes from Virginia and forms its own state.
1937: In the United States, the first social security checks were distributed.
1950: Following the institution of apartheid in 1948, South Africa passes the Group Areas Act, formally segregating the country's racial groups.
Fact of the day.
Today is Matanzas Mule Day, the day during the Spanish-AmericanWar (1898) that the U.S. bombarded Matanzas, Cuba, resulting in one lone casualty - a  mule.

Born on This Day
Mary Wollstonecraft, author and feminist (1759)
Samuel Morse, artist and  inventor (1791)
Edward Whymper, mountain climber, writer, and illustrator (1840)
Rogers Hornsby, baseball player and manager (1896)
Walter Lantz, animator and  cartoon producer (1900)
Michael Mahonen, actor, director, producer and writer. (1964)

Who am I? I was born on  this day in 1822. After commanding Union forces during the Civil War, I  became president of the United States. Answer - Ulysses S. Grant.

Holidays and Celebration-
Independence Day (Sierra Leone)
Freedom Day (South Africa)
Independence Day (Togo)
2nd Republic Day (Austria)
Independence Day (Afghanistan)
Resistance Day (Slovenia)