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January 28, 2004

Picture of the Month

Michael Mahonen ... As Malcolm
in the television version of "Macbeth"

What picture would you like to see next????


I have "adopted" Gus  Pike ...........and so,
 I have put a picture of "my Gus" on this page with the adoption announcement.

News Flash

Gus has arrived, and been "adopted" by Mama Kitty.

"My Gus..."

Gus Pike - Adopted on
September 25,1999.

Conspiracy of Silence

             Gemini   Awards for
                          Michael Mahonen.

                                                  Gemini Awards
             Year=            1993
           Results=           Won
               Award=           Gemini
                                            Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic
                                            Program or Mini-Series
                                            for: "Conspiracy of Silence" (1991) (mini)

Website Awards

Shelly's "Road to Avonlea Award"

Awarded and Received on October 26, 1999.

This is the first award this site had received, and it is with gratitude and humility that it is accepted!

Shelly's Site of the Year Award... 1999

Awarded January 7, 2000
Accepted with pleasure, surprise and gratitude...:-D

Star Page Awards

First STAR Award  for  Star Pages... December 1999

Second STAR  Award from Star Pages ... January 2000

Third STAR Award from Star Pages ...  February, 2000

Fourth STAR Award from  Star Pages ... March, 2000

Fifth STAR  Award from Star Pages  ... March, 2000

Sixth STAR Award from Star Pages  ... September 15, 2000

Seventh STAR Award from Star Pages ...  January 28, 2004

Awarded after this site received 5000 votes - Thank you all for voting !!!!

Please vote for this site , on the first page, and we can "go" for a 8th STAR Award!
We only need less than 4998 votes to get our next star. :-D

Surprise ... we won another award!

It has to be Michael's eyes that are getting us these awards.
"Oh, Mickey, you're so fine..."

Presented July 21,2000

by Mags Avonlea Album Site
Many, many THANKS!!!!

Jon From Across the Shining Waters
Globe Award of the Month of July

Thank you Jon  :-D

People are so kind to visit this site, and then vote for it. You all have my heartfelt THANKS

Kitty ... as in cat :-D