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Some of the stories are being edited :D
August 18, 2007

 My Friend Gus

(You might like to Read un-edited version below)

Mr. and Mrs. Gus Pike... The Beginning
June 8, 2000

Katy and Gus Stories

My Friend... Gus  (Unedited version)  The Gift of Love(Katy makes a gift for Gus  )
The Child (Gus meets Katy) Unanswered Questions(Katy finds out that Gus is famous)
The Song (Gus surprises Katy) The Journey(Katy finally meets Gus's family)
A Day to Remember(Tea in Summerside) First Love(Gus talks about Felicity)
First Kiss(Katy and Gus III) The Visit (Gus III meets Katy's family)
But Not Alone(Katy remembers) Thoughts of the Future(Katy and Gus talk about babies)

Felix-Michaelina-Izzy Stories

The Eyes of Love(Felix gets married)  Tears of Regret(Felix and Izzy)

Some stories have been moved to theMM list at Yahoo

Original poems, by Kitty Hadley
Why  (April 22, 2001) "I Will Wait for You"...and other thoughts , page 
Gus and Me(Felicity's poem)12 Dec. 1999 Lonely(Gus's poem) 2 Feb. 2000
Waiting 24 Feb. 2000  Lonely Days2 Feb. 2000