................... Michael Mahonen Biography ................... 

                                                                March 15, 2006

Michael Mahonen was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada.; which is a  former mining town in  north-eastern Ontario . Michael studied at and graduated from     George Brown College    in 1989. Michael is currently working in Los Angeles, California. and Toronto, Ontario.

Michael reminds me of  another entertainer; an icon in American entertainment... dancer, actor, choreographer and director; none other than   Gene Kelly   . Both men light up the screen with their twinkling eyes , exuberance, ability to make a character seem both real and familiar, and  that smile... that  smile that sets them apart from other leading men... and gives them a face that  you find so appealing and so hard to forget.

A few "facts" about Michael...

Nickname:  Mickey.
Height:        5'10"
Weight:       160
Hair:            Dark brown.
Eyes:           Green.
Union:          SAG/ACTRA/EQUITY
Contact:       Gerry Lomberg.
Agency:       The Character's Talent Agency

Training: GEORGE BROWN THEATER SCHOOL- Performance Major.
Studies with: Peter Weld, Heir Pillar, Douglas Campbell, Perry Schneiderman, Dean Glimmer, Richard Pacino, Randy Mart, Ernest J. Steward, Dorothy Ward, David Walled, Michael Connolly, Leslie French and Sharry Flett.

Special skills: College Basketball, Hockey, Stage Combat, Fencing, Skating, Juggling,  Swimming, Fishing and Water-skiing, Driving  standard and automatic, Skidoo, small tractors, Working at excessive heights.

Accents: British (Mid-land, London) Southern US, New York, Chicago, Boston, North Irish, Irish, Finnish and Newfoundland.

In 2004 Michael wrote, produced and directed a feature film "Sandstorm". Michael spent 18 months traveling in Canada, the US, Russia, India, Spain , Prince Edward Island and many other venues at film festivals promoting his film. As of December 2005 "Sandstorm " has won 29 Awards.  Michael is in the process of writing another screen play to be made into a feature film.

In July 2004 Michael was a guest speaker at the first Avonlea Convention held at black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto , Ontario.

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                                                                 .Kirkland Lake Song

                                                             Words & Music by Jack Rid.

                                                        There's a town way up north of Cobalt.
                                                        That is world famous for it's gold,
                                                        The spirit there is just the same, I'll tell you,
                                                        As when men discovered it in days of old.

                                                        Chorus: Well! What do you know,
                                                                     We're from Kirkland Lake,
                                                                     We're the boys and we're the girls,
                                                                     Who always give and take;
                                                                      It's a real town, a gold town,
                                                                      We're in it with a stake.
                                                                      We come from near,
                                                                      We come from far,
                                                                       To good old Kirkland Lake.

                                                        Now we think a lot of Cobalt
                                                        And Porcupine is great,
                                                        But here's to the Pride
                                                        of the whole wide North,
                                                        Here's to Kirkland lake!

                                                            Repeat Chorus.