Gus Pike Episode Guide and Comments

     Michael Mahonen joined the cast of the Road to Avonlea, as Gus Pike, at the beginning of the second season. To me, Gus is two of LM Montgomery's characters combined...Captain Jim, an old seafarer, who played a fiddle and lived in a lighthouse from "Anne's House of Dreams" and Peter Craig, the hired boy from "The Story Girl." Michael's performance of Gus was so well received, that he was made a series regular. His romance with Felicity King began with this first episode and ended on the final episode, when he made her his wife.

Season Two.

 1. How  Kissing Was Discovered.
 2. Aunt Hetty's Ordeal.
 3. Sea Ghost.
 4. All That Glitters.

 Season Three.

 5. When She was Bad... (Part One).
 6. ...She Was Horrid. (Part Two)
 7. A  Dark and Stormy Night.   *
 8. Facts and Fictions.
 9. Friends and Neighbors.
10. High  Society.
11. The Calamitous  Courtship of Hetty King.

Season Four.

12. The Lady and the Blade.
13. Incident at Vernon River.
14. Sara and the Marshall.
15 .Boys Will Be Boys.
16. Evelyn.
17. Felicity's Grand Design  (or The Dinner).
18. Heirs and Graces.
19. Hearts and Flowers.( or Servant of Two Masters)
20. Felicity's Perfect Beau.
21. The Disappearance.

Season Five.

22. Modern  Times.
23. Fathers and Sons.
24. Otherwise Engaged.

Season Six.

25. The Return of Gus Pike.   *

 Season Seven.

26. Return to Me.   *
27. So Dear to My Heart.

 The  * indicated episodes for which Michael was nominated for a Gemini Award.


      For the six years Michael played Gus, we saw many changes in Gus's life.
     (1). When he arrived, he  "had nothin' and no one...all I wanted was a full belly and a warm place to sleep...". This was before that fate filled day that he met Sara and Felix at the fishing hole. Felix brought Gus home; Alec gave him work to do and a place in the barn to sleep. Felicity had a crush on David Hause, but it was  our Gus who gave her her first kiss.  When Felix asked him what it was like to be on his own, Gus thought for a minute and replied softly  "...lonely...".  (From this point on, Gus had a very special place in my heart). At the end, when Gus was leaving to work at the cannery, he asked Felicity    " ...did yer ever get that kiss yer were lookin' fer?" When she confessed, that she had not; he leaned over and kissed her. She was outraged, but pleased." Gus Pike... how dare you?" Gus tossed his bag of possessions out the barn door and replied;  "...better'n kissin' m'dog...",  laughs and swings  out of the barn's second story trap door, on a rope. Leaving, but not gone.
     (2). Aunt Hetty is worried about Muriel Stacy finding fault with the way she runs the school, and the fact that she has so few "new " students.  Hetty convinced Gus to come to school. It is very difficult for Gus to adjust to the refined ways of Hetty King, after the rough and tumble life he has lead. But, at the mention of the word "gentleman", Gus's life is forever changed. Hetty takes him in hand and teaches him what he needs to know. When she writes his name on the board and has his practice writing it; he is delighted! On the way home from school, the King cousins ask Gus what he wants out of life. He tells them that he wants what they have.  "...yer got lots...yer got people.." "A family? You want a family?" Sara asks him. Yes, Gus did and the shy glances he casts at Felicity, let us know where his thoughts are headed.
     (3)  Captain Ezekiel Crane runs the lighthouse and has Gus come to work for him. Abraham Pike is an escaped prisoner seeking the Captains help, and wants to find his son, Gus. But a strong  bond grows between the Captain and Gus; so, when Abe Pike wants him to leave, Gus refuses to go. ( After finding out that Abe is a liar and a thief; not to mention a murderer.) A fight between Abe and the Captain, results with Abe being washed out to sea. Rachel Lynde thinks that Captain Crane is a rum runner and that Gus is helping him. , but  after  a confrontation between Crane and the towns people and finding out about Abe Pike  she realizes that they are not.
     (4). Gus and Captain  Crane look for  buried treasure. Sara, Hetty, Rachel and Janet are caught up in the treasure hunt excitement,too. Captain Borden, enemy of Captain Crane , is looking for the same treasure.; years earlier he stold half of Crane's treasure map.  Following Gus and the girls, to the cave whene the treasure is hidden, Borden steals the "treasure" and Gus is forced to protect Sarah and Felicity. Ezekiel has tricked everyone, he found and kept the  real treasure. As a parting gift, he makes Gus the owner of the light house (. Gus said,"..I just want some place, no one can kick me out of..") and a gold and ruby ring.
     ( 5&6). Gus gets a message that Captain Crane needs him in Halifax, and Sara is finding life with Aunt Hetty unbearable. Felix and Sara meet a girl who could be Sara's double. After Sara has a fight with Hetty, Jo Pitts makes a suggestion, that they "swap lives"  for a while. Sara runs away  going to Halifax with Gus ( against his wishes). Here Sara is pursued by pick pockets who think she is Jo. Gus is captured by Abe Pike, it was a plot to find Captain Crane and take his treasure. Gus and Sara escape back to the island, where Gus captures Jo after she robs Hetty's house. The King women confront Sara and Jo about them changing places, and try to figure out what to do with Jo; but Jo vanishes from their lives.
   *  (7). Robert Rutherford is pursuing Amanda Stone for a treasure in gems, which she gives to Gus for safe keeping. Felicity is beginning to have feeling for Gus, and is furious when Amanda kisses Gus and he is smitten with Amanda. When the gems disappear, Gus and Felix are thrown into jail...much to Felix's delight. Hetty bails them out.  When Gus finds the light house in shambles, he realizes that Amanda may not be  "the kind and virtuous woman" he thought her to be. Amanda recovers the gems and leaves the island with Rutherford in quick pursuit. (This is a show Christopher Reeves did before his riding   accident)
     (8). Hetty quits as Avonlea's school teacher after a dispute with the school board. Alistair Dimple, an out of work actor comes and teaches everyone lessons in life. School  is no longer a "dull routine" when history is reenacted in the school room or out in  the school yard. Gus  and all his classmates, except Felicity, embraces the new  ideas ; especially when everyone gets to fight with swords . Avonlea is entered in a History Bee and Gus is instrumental in helping  the school  to win.
     (9). The King women and Janet's sister go to an auction, the King men and Jasper go ice fishing. The day is a disaster for all. Felix wants to learn about "life", Gus wants to know about "bein' in love", the women get on each other's nerves  and finally all are lost, then found in a snow storm. Felicity hugs Gus when he finds her, later, at King Farm ...their glances let us know how "aware" of each other they are.
     (10). Felicity has a chance to go to Kingsport Ladies College. Gus sees this as a possibility of loosing Felicity to a life he could never fit into. With Sara  and Pierre's help, Gus sets about learning  how to be a gentleman. "...if good breedin' and manners are important...I'm gonna get  some...". Felicity is over her head at school, makes some bad choices and has to face the consequences. Returning to Avonlea, Felicity snubs Gus and hurts her parents feelings.  She must learn to accept herself for what she is; not what she'd like to be. In the end, Felicity realizes her place is in Avonlea, with Gus.
     (11). Aunt Hetty has her hands full with skate salesman Wally Higgins, who decides that she is his dream girl. Gus is faced with a problem ; Felicity wants to go to the skating party with him...he has no skates until Sara  loans him a pair. Hetty and Gus, neither of whom can skate, make  fools of themselves at the skating party. Gus is humiliated  and wants to give back the skates. Wally leaves after Hetty convinces him that she'll never marry. Felicity teaches Gus to skate.
     (12). Clive Pettibone comes to take Hetty's place at the school house. Hetty has become a writer, and all of her time is filled with creating romance novels. Gus and Felicity's romance is growing "...slowly and sweetly..." at this point.
     (13). Felix expects a rifle for his birthday, but gets a telescope in stead. He "borrows" Alec's rifle and shoots Digger by mistake. Gus brings Digger and Felix back to the farm. It is at this time that  Gus realizes that the school teachers oldest son, Arthur, has his eye on Felicity. Gus begins to feel some sense of insecurity where Felicity is concerned.  Arthur operates on Digger , saving the dog's life and Felicity is impressed, but Gus is not. Gus sees that he does have a serious contender for Felicity's affections. Arthur Pettibone is "... a professional man. He has an education..."
     (14). Sara fall in love, for the first time,  with a cowboy, in a wild west show. Felicity offers her some " advice of the heart..." Gus and Felicity are spending time together, and Sara looses her heart to Marshal Zak Morgan . Gus and Felicity watch Sara in the barrel race, and cheer her on . She wins the race, but looses the Marshall; when he and his troop leave Avonlea in the middle of the night.
     (15). Avonlea needs a fire department. Both Alec and Clive Pettibone are nominated for Fire Chief, but Clive wins and he and Alec have problems. Alec appoints Gus a "fire scout" and Felicity is very impressed."...I'm sure you are the right man for the job". Gus looks embarrassed at the praise, Alec looks amused.  Felix sets the school on fire, and Gus has to push Felicity out the school window to keep her safe. Several fires later, Alec and Clive become friends.
     (16). Alec's best friend is killed in a boating accident, and Alec takes on the responsibility of the widow and baby. This causes a great many problems in Alec's home life. When Gus realizes that Alec has given him a pair of shoes, he offers to work on the farm to pay for them. Alec doesn't want this, but Gus says"...if  I'm gonna be proud of anything, it is takin' care of me. Yer give me the shoes, so I'll help on King Farm..." . The bond of respect seems to be growing between Alec and Gus......
     (17).... until the night  Felicity convinces everyone to leave the house so she can invite Gus to dinner. (This is my favorite show, but, I'll try to be brief). When Janet and Alec find out what has happened, Gus is banished from King Farm and Felicity flees to  her room in tears. Alec forbids Felicity to have anything to do  with Gus; and Gus  is trying to respect Alec's wishes. Sara  tries to help by writing two letters ( one for Felicity, and one for Gus) both letters cause more problems than they solve. Felicity runs away to the light house, to Gus. His dilemma. ..what to do?  He gives Felicity her first "real" kiss and takes her home, confronts her father; and is given permission " see, Felicity, in the open and with your blessin'..."
     (18). Simon Tremayne is the new owner of the hotel, where Gus is working. Felix gets a job at the hotel and realizes that Simon has connections to the Duke of Aranach ,who is coming to visit. Felix's job  goes to his head and this causes Gus problems, Felicity copies a gown worn by one of the guests, and Simon is revealed as the real Duke. Felix gives up his job because Gus" sort of my hero, and no job is worth loosing him as a friend...". Gus overhears him and their friendship is mended.
     (19). A Valentine's dance at the hotel lets Gus know for certain that Arthur is in pursuit of Felicity. "I'd like to dance with her" says Arthur, " And I'd like to spit diamonds and  fly.." replies Gus "...if yer dance with her, it will be with my fist in your eye...". To complicate matters, Pierre's French niece, Suzette, arrives and sets her cap for Gus. Gus falls into a bath tub, Felicity slams the door in Gus's face, the hotel is almost shut down by a health inspector, Gus locks Suzette in the closet then has to explain to Pierre why. The evening ends happily...but it takes a long time to get to "happy..."
     (20).  Felicity's delight at  "having two men interested in  her "changes to dismay when Gus and Arthur have a fist fight in the barn. Then  Gus declares his  feelings."...I love you..." and Felicity is at a loss of what to say. Clive insists that Arthur "pay court" to Felicity as a gentleman should, but Arthur has other ideas. Felicity is agonizing what to do, when Gus makes matters worse by proposing marriage. Gus spends a sleepless night  waiting for an answer. Only to have Felicity ask Gus, to ask her again in two years."...two years? Anything could happen in two years. But, nothin' could change the way I feel about you..." He  hugs her, close to tears.
      (21). Sara  is looking for purpose in her life, when an antique dealer comes to town. He is really the heir , Jonathan Ravenshurst Blackwell, to a vast fortune. Gus helps him in his guise as an antique dealer, but when  he disappears and antiques are found broken, Gus winds up in jail . Sara sets out to clear Gus and to get to the bottom of the mystery; she finally gets Jonathan to explain everything that is happening and writes a story for the Chronicle. Gus is released from jail.
      (22). Jasper and Olivia  modernize and run the cannery for Hetty King, who has just bought it. Since Gus is really the only one who knows anything about canning fish, Hetty insists  on his help. "...yer know I can never say "no" to yer, Miss King". Gus and Felicity's romance  is in jeopardy, because he is working so much.  Then Gus plans a quiet picnic with Felicity but  Hetty shows up  and  takes him to the cannery. Jasper and Olivia finally get all of their lobster canned after all of the King family pitches in and work hand in hand with the cannery workers. Even Felicity rolls up her sleeves and works in the cannery; Gus objects; but Felicity reminds him that it might be the only time they get to spend together that summer.
     (23). Felix takes on the responsibility of caring for a wealthy, elderly business man at the hotel, while neglecting his work at the farm. Alec gives him an ultimatum ...the farm or the hotel. Gus fixes him a place to sleep at the hotel when he refuses to go home, after an argument with Alec. Gus calms Alec down when he wants to bring him home. Gus feels that Felix needs to spend time alone, so he can "cool off".  In the end, father and son reconcile their differences.
     (24). Gus gets a promotion at the hotel and asks Alec's permission to propose to Felicity; but, when he does ...she informs him that she wants to go to medical school. They fight. Gus's friend Matt arrives and offers him a job on his ship. Gus and Felicity make up, but when Felicity helps to deliver a baby; Gus knows he needs to do some soul searching. After talking to Hetty, Gus decides to go back to sea and let Felicity go to medical school. When he leaves, Gus gives Felicity his ring "...remember, I love you. "  and " haven't seen the last of me, Felicity King." Gus kisses Felicity after she finally says "...I love you...", and then he leaves on the  stage coach.
    * (25). Felicity is at medical school, and Felix is helping her settle into her room, when they spot Gus in the market place with a strange woman. Felicity  mistakengly thinks he is engaged to Charlotte Ames, and breaks off their  engagemen by giving Gus back his ring. Gus finds a flower lady, wandering the streets,  who thinks that he is Captain Crane. Together, Gus and Felicity bring her back to Avonlea. Why? Because Gus thinks she is his mother. A photograph of Eliza and Abe Pike together, makes Gus realize that she is indeed his mother. Also, on the back of the picture frames is a photo of Captain Crane, whom Gus believes is his real father. He and Eliza go to Jamaica to find the captain. Before he leaves, Gus implores Felicity "...say you'll be mine." "I've always been yours, I'll be yours forever", she assures him.  Gus gives  her his ring again and sails away.
     (26). Felicity learned that Gus's ship was lost at sea, and all hands lost. For a year she is in limbo, deeply depressed. A banker, Stuart McCrae,  helps her to find a new interest in life and she opens Avonlea's Foundling Home. At her family's urging, she accepts Stuart's proposal. Felix is against the match, "...he's no Gus Pike..." and Felicity is still unsure. Four days before the wedding Felicity receives a call. Gus may be alive. Hetty and Felicity journey to South Carolina and after what seems like a fruitless search , do find Gus; but, he is blind. "...go away, I've grown cold inside, I've no love to give anyone..." Felicity  refuses to leave. Hetty  scolds him for being a coward."...yer don't know what it feels like fer me" he tells her. Finally, he seeks Felicity, who convinces him of her love." don't know what life would be like with me.." he tells her, ", but I know what it is like without you...", she tells him. The three of them return to Avonlea.
     (27). Having arrived back on the island. Every one is delighted that Gus is back, all accept Stuart McCrae . After Felicity gives Stuart back his ring;  Gus goes to the hospital to have surgery on his eyes. While in the recovery room, Felicity pours out her heart to an unconscious Gus; telling him of her love and the fact that "...when this is all over, whether you can see or not, I will marry you, as I should have, when you first proposed ..."  Then  Gus replies softly,  "...if that's a proposal...I accept..." ( This is my favorite scene in the show. Gus had  laid his heart at her feet for years, proposed so many times and been put off. It was only right that she have to make this proposal...!!!)  Gus asks Felix to be his best man , with the comment "...Never had a brother before..." The wedding takes  place and Gus makes a speech. "...I'm so happy to be a part of the King family. Finest people I know. Took me in like a son ; helped me like one of their own...I'll be forever grateful...", he then leans over and kisses Felicity on the hand.