6 Degrees of Michael Mahonen

There is a game about actor Kevin Bacon, saying that by naming six projects/actors you will be able to trace back to Kevin. On this page, I am hoping to get autographed pictures of actors/actresses who have worked with Michael Mahonen ... on Road to Avonlea or other productions--- stage, radio, movies, or tv.. If you know someone who has worked with Michael, and have an autographed photo that could be used on this page ... please e-mail me?

April 25, 2001
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(The person who donated the photo is listed below)

 Michael Mahonen-1  -  Kitty Michael Mahonen as Gus Pike  -Dawn 
 Mickey in Black        -  Debby

              Valentina Cardinalli
                        who played Jane Spry on Road to Avonlea"
 Zachary Bennett ... Felix on "Road to Avonlea"
                        and Lukas in "By Way of the Stars"

Gema Zamprogna
Felicity... "Road to Avonlea"
                           Ursula "By Way of the Stars"
  Susan Cox as Peg Bowen
                           from Road to Avonlea

I will post more pictures when I get them